With over 4 years of experience in a variety of teams and industries including: Insurance, e-commerce, and energy (oil and gas). I am a senior in android development, agile development, and collaborative software engineering. I specialize in helping companies and clients to develop and integrate user interfaces and user experiences for applications, as well as integrate APIs and features, test, configure CI/CD pipelines and publish to the Google Play store.

About Me

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I have been doing software development for the last four years. I specialize in helping companies and clients to build world-class android applications. During the previous three years, I have been working for clients in different industries. On average, I have increased client sales and operations efficiency by more than 40% in less than eight months. This is something I find great passion in doing. My Strength is truly understanding the problems at hand and translating available designs and ideation into concrete development frameworks in android that solve them. In my leisure time, I enjoy playing the guitar and reading books. What I'm looking for is a company that I could produce a positive return on investment. Where I could join a strong team, as we build world-class android applications that solve unique problems. Is this what you are seeking? I'd love to hear from you.

Kotlin / Android
Java / Android
Flutter / Dart

My Work & Portfolio

Insurance || E-commerce || Supply chain management (energy, oil & gas) || Pharmaceutical apps industries.

Case Study of Applications

Highlighted Software Applications:

Pharmaxy App

Pharmaxy is a pharmaceutical application written in Kotlin for Android. Among other features that have been optimized to provide a seamless experience when maintaining, searching for, and selling Pharma products within the application, it makes use of the Firebase Machine learning kit to enable, easy product product billing, searching drug by scanning their sachets. To ensure client's security, the app utilizes OTP verification.

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Pro-Driver Application

Pro Driver is a highly stable and scalable android application built in Kotlin language using modern design pattern, MVVM. The application is used by Drivers to deliver LPG gas to warehouses and containers serving over 200 regions countrywide with more than 2000 users.

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Pro-Inventory Application

Pro Inventory is a highly stable and scalable android application built in Kotlin language using modern design pattern, MVVM. The application is used by warehouse coordinators to receive and load LPG gas to trucks that replenish containers serving over 200 regions countrywide with more than 3000 customers.

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Qsure App

Qsure is a mobile Application created in Java language. It is designed for young dynamic individuals on quest to fulfill their life's ambitions. It allows users to also purchase and track Personal Accident Insurance Covers

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Niletee App is a market-place Ecommerce based application in Nairobi, Kenya created in Flutter framework to help online shopper to find fast and reliable verified shops for quick purchases and deliveries.

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Motor App

Motor app is a mobile application created in Java language to facilitate buying and renewing of Motor insurance premiums. The application leverages modern solutions to improve the insurance value chain and the mobile user experience by using OCR and Ml tools to retrieve KYC data from the customer's documents.

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Pixel News is a news application that implements MVVM clean architecture. Presentation layer (View & ViewModel), Domain layer (UseCase & Repository), Data layer (Local Data source & Remote Data source). Pixel is a second iteration of the [simple news blogs app] that I built using MVVM architecture.

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Ruby Insurance Bot

Ruby is an insurance omnichannel chat bot that is integrated with facebook and whatsapp to boost customer engagement and customer experience while purchasing and tracking their insurance policies

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Open Source Projects

For a greater illustration of some of the favorite open source projects I've worked on, kindly see the projects pinned on the overview section in my github page.

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